Unconventional travel risk management, duty-of-care, and due diligence platforms for organizations, travel professionals and individual travelers
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Learn how your business, large or small, can benefit from our travel risk management solutions and real-time security intelligence to keep employees and clients safe while on the road.

  • Board & C-Level Officers
  • Security & Risk Managers
  • HR & Admin managing corporate travel
  • Travel Professionals


Travel Recon is dedicated to bringing the most comprehensive travel risk management solutions to organizations around the world through mutually beneficial partnerships.

  • Travel Agencies
  • Tour Operators
  • Travel Management Companies


Individuals and groups traveling for business or leisure, domestically and abroad. Whether you are a student or an executive, we have the tools to keep you safe while traveling.

  • Business travelers
  • Students abroad
  • Vacations & holidays

Safety in Numbers

Imagine a community of millions of people working together towards a common goal: keeping each other safer through the reporting of threats and disruptions that affect everyone!

The New Standard in Travel and Risk Management

Travel Recon offers solutions for travel professionals and organizations interested in providing an initial level of duty-of-care for their employees. Individual leisure and business travelers taking multiple trips a year can also ease their travel anxiety by using Travel Recon’s safety and communications tools.

Travel Recon offers special operations-grade intelligence and relevant, destination-specific threat updates through its mobile app and soon-to launch web platform.


  • • GoRecon Features Plus...
  • • Security-grade destination intelligence reports
  • • Relevant and hyper-local threat updates
  • • Recon maps with enhanced data sources, data quality control, social media feeds professional analysis, and filtering of information
  • • Emergency Notifications

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Unconventional Travel Risk Management

Travel Recon Pro offers organizations modular and relevant duty-of-care and travel risk management solutions to protect their employees and assets.

Travel Recon Pro allows travel managers, human resources representatives and travel risk managers to customize their duty-of-care, and corporate travel and compliance policies. Create a new policy or compliment your existing policy with Travel Recon Pro!


  • • Travel Recon features, plus....
  • • Group polling to assess traveler status
  • • Specialized emergency button
  • • Safety alert customization
  • • Privacy features
  • • Geofencing
  • • Recon map with analytic overlays for strategic planning and logistics
  • • Customizable dashboard
  • • Itinerary Tracking

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